Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 1 - Serial Number 47, June 2020, Pages 125-1 

Short Research

Evaluation of Kaolin in Control of Panonychus ulmi in Apple Orchards of Iran

Pages 47-53


M. Arbabi; Gh.A. Akbarzadeh Shokat; H. Karbalaei Khiavi; M.S. Imami; H. Kamali; H. Farazmand

Modeling the Germination Timing of Bishop's Weed (Ammi majus L.) in Response to Temperature

Pages 99-111


M.R. Moradi-Telavat; ُSeyed atollah Siadat; A. Derakhshan; S. Safarkhanzadeh

Evaluation of Chemical Control of Purple Nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.) in Onion (Allium cepa L.) Fields in South Kerman

Pages 125-136


F. Rafiee Sarbijan Nasab; H.R. Mohammad Dost Chamanabad; A. Aein; M.T. Al-e-Ebrahim; A. Asghari