Article Submission Checklist

Paper requirements

Is your article a good fit for the Journal of Iranian Plant Protection Research?

Check by reading the aims and scope of the journal, and look at recently published articles.

Are you sure that your article is not simultaneously submitted to another journal?

Have you read the “Manuscript Structure”?

 It is recommended to read the article Manuscript Structure carefully before preparing the article

Are All of the authors aware of this article submission and its content?
Does the journal charge authors to review and publish articles?
, Authors whose Persian articles are accepted must pay 2,000,000 Rials to cover a portion of the editing and publishing costs

Checklist of paper submission

Have you identified 4-5 appropriate keywords?

Keywords help relevant readers find your article in databases.

Have you written an effective title and abstract?

The title and abstract are your chance to grab a potential reader’s attention.

Does your article match the journal’s specified style guides?

Your article should be a good fit and format for the journal’s Author Guide.  

Is your article easy to read?

Check that your article has a logical structure with clear writing and has been 'spell and grammar’ checked.

Have you cited sources appropriately?
Ensure that you avoid accidental plagiarism by referring to our citation policy. Please note that all references cited in the text should be included in the Reference List, and vice versa.


Get ready to submit

Have you included a disclosure statement and declared any competing interests?

It is important to be transparent about any potential competing interests (also known as conflicts of interest)

Have you included your ORCID?

ORCID is a unique identifier that links together all your published work. If you do not have it, read about how to create an ORCID and include it with your submission. 

You can also add ORCID information for your co-authors.

Do you have the correct files ready to upload?

To submit your article, you need the following files:

  1. Title page (including Authors’ name, academic position, and affiliations, corresponding author’s email and phone number)
  2. Main manuscript: (in *.doc or *.docx format) prepared according to the journal’s requested format
  3. Authorship Statement Form
  4. Conflicts of Interest Form