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Journal of plant protection is publishing 4 numbers per year. The goal of publishing is enhancing the scientific knowledge of teachers, researchers, students and people interested in agricultural problems qualitatively and quantitatively. The Journal ofplant protection covers different aspects of pest, including insects, diseases, weeds, nematodes, bacteria and viruses, helps and update people interested in identifying and control of pests. In addition to original papers, short communications with valuable information are also publish.

Current Issue: Volume 35, Issue 2 - Serial Number 52, Spring 2021, Pages 143-278 

Research Article

1. Dispersion of Potato Leafroll Virus and Potato Y Virus in Potato Seed Production Fields of Hamedan Province

Pages 143-153


B. Darvishi; M. Naderpour; H. Mohammadi; F. Hasani; D. Alipour; F. Pargal

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