Reviewer Guide

Reviewers Guide

We would like to thank you for your kind cooperation with our journal and kindly ask you to complete your personal information carefully, especially organizational affiliation, ORCID, area(s) of research interest, and bank account information when creating your profile.

If the manuscript that has been sent to you for reviewing is not in your area or you do not have time to review, you must register your withdrawal from the reviewing and if possible, suggest other reviewers instead. When reviewing the manuscripts, please answer the questions on the review form and if you leave a comment on the article, make sure that your name is not visible in the comments. 

 Ethical principles of the journal for reviewers

We are expected that all reviewers read and follow the ethical principles of manuscript publication. 

Review registration in the Web of Science

In order to register review in the Web of Science database, please send the “thank you” email you receive from the journal after the review to the address: “”.