Identification 4 Belonolimids Nematodes from Potato Fields of

Document Type : Research Article


Ferdouwsi university of mashhad


In order to identify plant parasitic nematodes of potato fields, 55 soil samples and a few tuber samples were collected from Khorasan Razavi province during 2005-2006 .Soil samples were washed and nematodes were extracted by centrifugal flotation technique. The extracted nematodes were fixed and transferred to glycerin. Baermann funnel method was used for extracting nematodes from tuber samples. In this survey 16 species belonging to 12 genera were identified based on morphological and morphometrical characters. Four species were belonged the Belonolimidae such as Amplimerlinius sikkimensis Tylenchorhynchus shivanandi, Geocenamus tartuensis Geocenamus rugosus. The first three species are new records for nematodes fauna of Iran.

Keywords: Belonolaimid, Potato, Khorasan Razavi