Guide for Authors

Articles Writing Guide

 Conflict of interest Form

Commitment form


  • There is no need for spaces preceding punctuation marks (dot, comma, semicolon, colon, question mark, exclamation mark) but place a space after these punctuation marks.
  • Use spaces before opening and after the closing parenthesis.
  • Articles should not be sent to Persian/English journal and to another journal in any language at home and/or abroad simultaneously.
  • If the format and structure of submitted articles do not comply with what is stated in this guide, it won’t be accepted.
  • The Journal can edit and delete some sections, without any change in its content and received journals will not bring.
  • Responsibility for the accuracy of the article is the author.
  • The file should be named in English. This name should include the first author's last name and sending date.
  • Articles may only be submitted through the Journal Website.
  • In order to expedite the referee process and publishing of an article, we will ask respected professors and researchers to ensure technical and literary editing and enforce this guide.