Integrated Management Study (Chemical and Mechanical) of Swallow-wort (Cynanchum acutum) in Qazvin Province

Document Type : Research Article


1 Iranian Plant Protection Research Institute

2 Agricultural Research Center, Yazd

3 Plant Pest and Disease Research Institute


Swallow wort is a perennial weed which has caused damage in agricultural fields in Iran especially in orchards. Therefore, an experiment was conducted during 2009-2011 in order to its integrated management in arachis orchard in Abyek based on randomized complete block design with three replications and 18 treatments. The treatments included gramaxon (Paraquat 20% SL), roundup (Glyphosate 41% SL), garlon (Triclopyr 62% EC), cutting, and their combination together control without spraying. Among the treatments, application 3 times Glyphosate 6 L/ha was the best treatment for swallow wort density decrease in the first year, and in the second year best treatments were 2 and 3 times Triclopyr 2 L/ha, and 3 times Glyphosate 6 L/ha. The best treatments in the third year were 2 and 3 times Triclopyr 2 L/ha, and 3 times Glyphosate 6 L/ha. At the third year, the best treatment for swallow wort biomass decrease was 3 times Glyphosate 6 L/ha. However, it had not significant difference with 2 and 3 times Triclopyr 2 L/ha, 3 times Glyphosate 4 L/ha, and 2 times Glyphosate 6 L/ha. Therefore, Glyphosate and Triclopyr had more efficiency in the control of swallow wort, compared to Paraquat and cutting.


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