)Brief report New Records of Predatory Carabids (Col.: Carabidae) for Fauna of Iran

Document Type : Research Article



In survey on the abundance and species diversity of Arthropods associated with organic and conventional wheat fields which carried out in 2010 and 2011 in Mashhad region, a total of 13 species belonging to carabidae family were collected and identified. Among the identified species, Calosoma auropunctatum dsungaricum Gebler (Carabinae) and the subspecies Poecilus cupreus erythropus Dejean (Pterostichinae) are new records for fauna of Iran. Also, the species Scarites terricola persicus Chaudoir (Scaritinae); Amara ovata Fabricius )Pterostichinae(; Poecilus nitens Chaudoir (Pterostichinae); Calathus mollis Marsham (Platyninae); Brachinus explodens Duftschmid (Brachininae) and Cylindera germanica Linnaeus(Cicindelinae) are new records to fauna of Razavi Khorasan province