Some Plant Parasitic Nematode Species of the Genera Ditylenchus and Pratylenchus (Tylenchomorpha, Tylenchoidea) from Vegetable Fields in Mashhad Area, Iran

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2 Ferdouwsi university of mashhad


In order to investigate the biodiversity of plant parasitic nematodes of vegetable fields in Mashhad area, 51 soil and root samples were collected during 2010-2011. Nematodes were extracted by centrifugal flotation technique and transferred to glycerin according to the modified De Grisse method (1969). The permanent slides were prepared from the extracted nematodes. The nematodes were identified by light microscopy, based on morphological and morphometrical characters. In this study, seven species of Ditylenchus and Pratylenchus viz. D. exilis, D. medicaginis, D. myceliophagus, D. tenuidens, P. flakkensis, P. neglectus and P. thornei were identified. D. exilis and P. flakkensis are reported for the first time from Iran