Effect of some Essential Oils on Spore Germination and Colony Growth of Penicillium digitatum during in vitro Culture

Document Type : Research Article



In order to control of Penicilluim digitatum fungi in vitro condition, the effect of essential oils of Cinnamomum verum, Zataria multiflora, Mentha pipereta, Carum carvi, Lavandula officinalis and Satureja hortensis on inhibition of spore germination and colony growth at 25,50,75 ppm concentration, was examined. Results showed that the Cinnamon essential oil had the best effect on inhibition of spore germination in MS medium, So that in 50 and 75 ppm concentration spore germination was completely inhibited. After Cinnamon, Satureja essential oil had the best effect and other essential oils did not influence on inhibitory spore germination. After 15 days, the hyphae growth was measured. The results showed that in 25, 50, 75 ppm of Cinnamon essential oil concentration had not significantly different.