(Brief report) Population Fluctuations of Wood Boring Beetle Chrysobothris affinis (Col., Buprestidae) on Albezia lebeck in Ahvaz landscapes

Document Type : Research Article



The wood boring beetle, Chrysobothris affinis is the most destructive pest of Albezia lebeck in landscape of Ahwaz. Population fluctuations of the pest were investigated on Albezia lebbeck in Ahwaz landscape during 2010 - 2011. Sampling was monthly performed. In each sampling date, ten trees were randomly chosen and damage symptoms of the pest were monitored. When damage symptoms observed in stem and trunk of the selected trees, tree's bark was removed and numbers of each life stage including egg, larva and adult of this pest were recorded. Red sticky stocks was used for monitoring emergence of adult beetles. Result showed that the pest has two generations a year. Population peaks of egg, larva, pupa and adult stages of this pest were observed in early November, early November, late March, early July, respectively. Adult emergence and egg laying period of the pest were long and lasted six months. Regarding some biological characters of the pest such as long period of adult's emergence and cryptic nature of immature activity under tree's bark, contact insecticides could not be applied against different life stages of the pest and the application just may cause contamination of urban environment and threat of citizens health. Cultural strategies such as enhancement of irrigation and fertilization, and suitable pruning were recommended as alternative control methods.