)Brief report( Efficiency of Doual-purpose Herbicides Application at Different Stages on Weed Control and Grain Yield of Wheat under Shoushtar Conditions

Document Type : Research Article



In order to study the efficiency of dual-purpose herbicides at different stages of wheat (Triticum aestivum), an experiment was conducted at Shoushtar in 2012. The experiment was factorial with randomized complete block design arrangement of factors and four replicates. Factors were dual-purpose herbicide including Apyros (Sulfosulfuron), Total (Metsulfuron methyl+Sulfosulfuron), Chevalier (Iodosulfuron+mesosulfuron) and Atlantis (Idosulfuron+ mesosulfuron + Surfactant) and different stages of application (early tillering and early stem elongation). Results showed that the effects of herbicides and application stages on weed density were significant. The highest and the lowest wheat grain yield, observed when respectively Total and Chevalier herbicides were used. Herbicide application at the early tillering stages showed more favorable results than those applied at the early stem elongation stage. Application of Total in the early tillering stage significantly reduced weeds density and showed higher grain yield and yield components of wheat.