Comparison of Quantity and Quality of Different DNA Extraction Methods for Lysiphlebus Species by Spectrophotometer

Document Type : Research Article




DNA extraction with an appropriate quality and quantity is the first step in molecular identification of some group of insects that their identification morphologically is difficult and dependent on a particular life stage, size or gender. Selection of a suitable protocol is a key factor to provide a pure DNA. In this study quality and quantity of five extraction methods used in entomological laboratories were compared, including: CTAB, Phenol- chloroform, EST, Lysis buffer and Chelex methods. The quality and quantity of the extracted DNA was measured using spectrophotometer. Analysis of variance showed significant differences among the five methods. Results indicated that the Chelex method as a simple, available, the least time-consuming and less hazardous technique yielded the highest amount of DNA as a consequence it is suggested for Lysiphlebus spp. DNA extraction.