Study of Seasonal Changes of Lobesia botrana (Lep: Tortricidae) and Effect of Concentrations of Sexual Pheromone and Grape Variety on Attraction of Adults in Kurdistan Province

Document Type : Research Article



Lobesia botrana causes heavy damage on grape in Kurdistan province and Iran every year. Because of damage of this pest on grape varieties in Kurdistan province, this research was conducted with prepared delta traps and lures by Swedish Agricultural University. Results showed that the pest has three generations in every year. The flight peak of adult moths was assessed in 2011-2012. The flight peaks were 30th May, 27th June and 11th august in sanandaj, 20th May, 14th July and 19th August in Saghez, 23th April, 3th July and 20th September in Sarvabad town (Marivan). Also, population density of adults (in Sanandaj, saghez and Sarvabad), effect of different concentrations of sexual pheromone (in Marivan) and effect of grape variety (in Saghez) on pest adults was compared. There was significant difference between populations of the pest adults in Sanandaj, saghez and Marivan. Among the sexual pheromone concentrations of 0.01, 0.1 and 1 mg, concentration of 1 mg had the most attractiveness on Adults of Lobesia botrana. There was significant difference on attractiveness of the pest adults between grape varieties of Askari, Rashe, Farhki and Bidaneh ghermez.