Breaking Dormancy and Effect of some Environmental Factors on Germination of Cutleaf Mignonette (Reseda lutea L.) Seeds

Document Type : Research Article



To breaking dormancy as well as the effect of light, temperature, salinity and drought stress on germination of cutleaf mignonette seeds, experiments were conducted at the Research Laboratory of Birjand Faculty of Agriculture in 2009. Immersion in sulfuric acid (96%) for 30 seconds under continuous dark regime resulted in the highest germinability (73%) and the lowest germination (8%). was observed at the control treatment under light/dark regime continuous darkness resulted in higher germinability compared with light/dark regime at tested temperatures (20/10, 25/15 and 30/20C), so that the highest germination (76%) was observed at 25/15C under continuous dark and the lowest germination was observed at 20/10C under light/dark regime which indicates that this weed species is negative photoblastic. Cutleaf mignonette seeds could germinate in moderate levels of salinity (160 mM) and drought (-0.6MPa).