Report of New Collembola (Arthropoda: Hexapoda) Species from Kermanshah :Brief report

Document Type : Research Article


Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources


In order to investigation of Collembola fauna, several soil and leaf litter sampling were carried out during 2011 in Kermanshah regions and species were extracted by Berlise funnel. In sum, eight species from eight genera from seven families were collected and identified. The species characterized by one star (*) are new for Kermanshah fauna. The species characterized by two star (**) are reported for the first time for Iran fauna. The species are listed as below:
Family Tullbergiidae: Metaphorura affinis (Boerner, 1902)*
Family Hypogastruridae: Ceratophysella denticulata Bagnall, 1941*
Family Isotomidae: Isotomiella minor Schaeffer, 1896* and Folsomia binoculata (Wahlgren 1899)**
Family Entomobryidae: Pseudosinella sexoculata (Schoet,1902)**
Family Sminthuridae: Sminthurus cf. nigromaculatus (Tullberg, 1872)**
Family Katiannidae: Sminthurinus elegans Fitch, 1863*
Family Arrhopalitidae: Arrhopalites caecus (Tullberg, 1871)*