First Record of Allodynerus dignotus ( Morawitz,1895 ) ( Hym: Vespidae: Eumeninae) from Iran

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The order Hymenoptera with more than 115000 described species, includes over 10% of species diversity in the world. These insects are one of the most important groups in economic and ecological terms. Vespidae family plays an important role in biological control of some insect pests. This family includes six subfamilies and almost 4150 known species in the world( Carpenter,1982 ). These insects are small to medium size, and 4.5 to 29 mm in length, with varoious colors and almost in black and yellow colors. Thirteen segment antenna of males has a more curved in end contrast to twelve segment antenna of females curve. The inner edge of compound eyes is notched and kidney shaped.(Abbasi, 1385). The subfamily of Eumeninae is called Potter wasps or Mason wasps. During the survey on the species of this family in Mashhad and its suburbs, a male of Allodynerus dignotus (Morawitz,1895) from Eumeninae subfamily is reported from Iran for the first time