Identification of Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Rapeseed fields in North Khorasan Province

Document Type : Research Article


Ferdouwsi university of mashhad


In order to identify the plant parasitic nematodes (suborder Tylenchina & Aphelenchina) of rapeseed fields in North Khorasan province, 40 soils and root samples were collected, during years 2007-2008. Nematodes were extracted by centrifugal flotation technique and transferred to glycerine. The permanent slides were prepared from the extracted nematodes. The nematodes were identified by light microscopy based on morphological and morphometrical characters. In this study, 17 species belonging to 12 genera of the suborder Tylenchina & Aphelenchina were identified. Two species Helicotylenchus egyptiensis and Paratylenchus perlatus are reported for the first time from Iran. Helicotylenchus egyptiensis is recognizable from related species by the truncate lip region with five annulations, non functional spermatheca in female, lateral field with four lines, longitudinal inner together on the tail in a U or V shaped pattern, tail shape and its terminal projection. Paratylenchus perlatus is recognizable by short measurement (200-245 µm), long stylet (26-27 µm) and functional, spherical and small spermatheca.