Brief report First Records of Two Spider Mite Species (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Iran

Document Type : Research Article



During a faunistic survey on mites associated with fruit trees in Birjand region (South Khorasan Province) in 2010, specimens of two injurious mites were collected. Using literature, specimens were identified and confirmed by Dr. O. Seeman (Australia). As a result, two species, namely Schizotetranychus sayedi Attiah, 1967 collected from fig, almond, grape, apple and apricot in Fodaj, Alghorat, Nowferest and Hasan Abad, and the species Tetranychus schoenei McGregor, 1941 from almond, grape, apricot, plum and apple in Amir Abad, Alghorat, Shams Abad and Hasan Abad, are new for fauna of Iran.