Faragir Trap: a New Approach for Rodent Pest Control

Document Type : Research Article



Poisons and traps are the most conventional methods used in rodent pest control. Because of environmental hazards of poisons, usage of the traps is preferred. In rodent pest control, Multiple-capture traps are more appropriate than single-capture traps. However the formers have not been commercialized in Iran so far. In present study, samples of multiple-capture live-trap were made namely “Faragir’s trap” which was granted by the patent number of 68186 dated 3/1/2011. The trap was constructed by transparent polycarbonate sheet containing two doors, temporary reservoir, capture space and main bait reservoir. For assessment 10 numbers of such traps were set in places having high rodent pest populations for 3 consecutive nights. Of 30 trap-nights, 23 rodents were captured which attained 77 percent of trap success. The Faragir’s trap has lower price, smaller size and easier construction than similar foreign multiple-capture live traps. Also, because of embedding of main bait reservoir, the smell of bait seems to be constantly available for stimulating of rodents. As the new approach in rodent pest control in various places and for rodent biological studies and field sampling, commercialization of this trap is recommended.