Effect of Different Treatments on Dormancy Breaking and Seed Germination of Eastern dodder (CuscutamonogynaVahl) and African rocket (Malcolmiaafricana L.(R.BR.))

Document Type : Research Article



Dormancy of Eastern dodder and African rocket seeds makes the controlof them very difficult in orchards and farms. In order to study the effective factors in dormancy breaking of these two weeds species, a factorialexperiment based on CRD with three replications was conducted at the Research Laboratory of Birjand Faculty of Agriculture in 2008 and 2009. Treatments were: control, soaking in sulfuric acid 96% (for 15, 30, 60 and 90 seconds), moist chilling at +1 and -8°C for 15 and 30 days, scarification with sandpaper for 2 minutes, soaking in tap water at room temperature for 36 hours, placing eastern dodder seeds at hotwater (boiling water) for half, 1, 2 and 5mins, incubation of african rocket seeds ingiberelic acid 1 mM and incubation of Eastern dodder seeds after 7 and 11 months and African rocket seeds after 4 and 5 months dry storage at room temperature (25°C). Results showed that placing seed in hotwater, and sulfuric acid as well as scarification with sandpaper had the greatest effect on dormancy breaking of dodder seeds at two light/dark and darkness regimes, thereforehard seedcoat is the most likely causeof Eastern dodderseeddormancy. In the other hand, maximum germination (91.7%) of African rocket seeds was occurred where seeds incubated with GA3, at light/dark condition. Indicating that the existence of a physiological seed dormancy.