Discrimination of the Invasive Plant Species, Myriophyllum spp., From Native Relatives Using DNA Barcoding

Document Type : Research Article


ferdowsi universiti of Mashhad


This study included 81 samples which belonged to 13 speices from Myriophyllum genus. Both nrDNA ITS1 and ITS2 and cpDNA matK, rbcL and trnH-psbA loci were used for diagnose of invasive from native plant. The nrDNA ITS1and ITS2 data proved highly variable and could differentiate between all but had low PCR amplification success,based on these result they would not recommend as a suitable barcode in Myriophyllum genus. Although matK had high amplification success but had low sequencing success which could not be ideal barcode among studied species. Based on result Non-coding trnH-psbA spacer region and a portion of the coding rbcL gene are recommended as ideal barcode that provide the necessary universality and species discrimination among Myriophyllum species. a limited investment in DNA barcoding can generate an identification tool for plant material, specifically useful for cases where morphology is inadequate to assess species identity