Study the Effect of Different Concentrations of Manure Aqueous Extracts and Sterile and Non-Sterile Manure on Seed germination of Redroot Pigweed and Barnyardgrass

Document Type : Research Article



This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of different concentrations of manure aqueous extract (14.3, 20, 33%), sterile manure and non sterile manure on rate, percentage and mean germination of redroot pigweed and barnyardgrass seeds. The experiment was done in a CRD with 4 replications under laboratory condition. The treatments were include concentrations of manure aqueous (14.3, 20 and 33%),sterile and non-sterile manure. The results indicated that germination rate and percentage, were decreased with increasing concentration of manure aqueous extracting in these two weeds. Between sterile and non-sterile manure treatment did not observe differentiatio.