Faunistic study of Auchenorrhyncha in sugar beet fields of Mashhad and Chenaran

Document Type : Research Article



A faunistic survey on Auchenorrhyncha associated with sugar beet was conducted During 2007- 2009 in Mashhad and Chenaran. specimens were collected with sweeping net and determined using available identification keys according to the external and internal morphological characteristics specially male genitalia. Species were confirmed by national scientists. In this study seventeen species belonging to fifteen genus and four families including 11 species of Cicadellidae, four species of Delphacidae, one specie of Tettigometridae and one species of Cixiidae) were identified. According to the available refrences the species Metidiocerus impressifrons (Kirschbaum 1868) is a new record for the fauna of Iran and new species for the fauna of Razavi khorasan are: Euscelis alsius, Phlepsius intricatus, Macrosteles quadripu-nctulatus, Neoaliturus fenestratus, N. guttulatus, Batrachomorphus irroratus, Pentastiridius leporinus, Asiraca clavicornis, Laodelphax striatellus, Sogatella vibix, Unkanodes tanasijevici, Tettigometra pseud-ovittelina
Identification key for introduced species is represented.

Keywords: Auchenorrhyncha, Chenaran, Fauna, Mashhad, Sugar beet