Identification of Plant Parasitic Nematodes of Rosmarinus officinalis

Document Type : Research Article



In order to identification of plant parasitic nematodes of Rosmarinus officinalis rhizospher during 2008-2009, fifty soil and root samples were collected from campus of Ferdowsi University. Soil and root samples were washed and nematodes were extracted by centrifugal flotation technique. According to De Grisse, 1969 the extracted nematodes were fixed and transferred to glycerin. In this survey  nine species belonging to four genera of sub order Tylenchina were identified as follows: Helicotylenchus pseudorobustus, H. indicus, H. californicus, H. nigeriensis, Merlinius microdorus, M. indicus, Boleodorus thylactus, Psilenchus minor and P. hilarulus. Three species H. indicus, H. nigeriensis and M. indicus were reported for the first time from Iran.

Keywords: Plant parasitic nematodes, Rosmarinus officinalis, Tylenchina, Helicotylenchus, Merlinius, Mashhad