Laelapidae of Guilan Province, Four New Species Records for the Iranian Mite Fauna and the Identification key for Guilan laelapids

Document Type : Research Article


Guilan University


The Laelapidae is a large family with worldwide distribution. Many Laelapids are ectoparasitic on small mammals or associated with arthropods, although some species are free living and predators especially in soil habitat; also they are common in stored products. During three years (2007-2009) of faunestic survey, samples were collected from different habitats such as soil, plant litters and stored products in Guilan Province. A total of 17 species from 5 genera and 2 subfamilies were collected and identified. Among the identified species, 4 species are new records for Iran and 10 species for Guilan province mite fauna. Moreover, the taxonomic characteristics of four new species for Iran mite fauna are mentioned. A key is also provided for Guilan Laelapid mite species. The list of identified species is as follows, new species for Iran mite fauna are marked by an asterisk.
Subfamily Laelapinae Berlese: A- Genus Androlaelaps Berlese [1- Androlaelaps casalis (Berlese) B- Genus Hypoaspis Canestrini [2- Hypoaspis vacua (Michael) 3- H. lutegiensis* Shcherbak 4- H. karawaiewi (Berlese) 5- H. sclerotarsa Costa 6- H. lubrica Voigts & Oudemans 7- H. nolli Karg 8- H. queenslandica (Womersley) 9- H. angustiscutata* Willmann 10- H. aculeifer (Canestrini) 11- H. minor Costa 12- H. kargi Costa 13- H. astronomica* (Koch) 14- Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) austriaca* Sellnick C- Genus Stratiolaelaps Berlese [15- Stratiolaelaps miles (Berlese)].
Subfamily Haemogamasinae Oudemans: D- Genus Eulaelaps Berlese [16- Eulaelaps stabularis (Koch)] E- Genus Haemogamasus Berlese [17- Haemogamasus pontiger (Berlese).].

Key words: Laelapinae, Haemogamasinae, New species records