Investigation on Beet soilborne virus (BSBV) in Northern Khorasan province

Document Type : Research Article


College of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


Beet soilborne virus (BSBV) is a member species of the genus Pomovirus with rigid rod particles and 3 positive single stranded RNAs. The virus is transmitted by Polymyxa betae and restricted to Chenopodiaceae. A survey was conducted in 2005 for identification of BSBV in Northern Khorasan province. Samples showing yellowing, elongated and upright petioles with narrow leaf lamina and hairy roots were collected from fields of Shirvan, Bojnord and Esfarayen. Detection of BSBV was based on TAS-ELISA test. Our survey showed that different fields in Shirvan and Bojnord were infected with BSBV. Also for detection of mixed infection with BNYVV, samples were tested by DAS-ELISA as well. Our investigation showed that some fields in Shirvan and Bojnord had mixed infection with both viruses. This is the first report of infection with BSBV in Shirvan and Bojnord located in Northern Khorasan province.

Key words: Sugarbeet, Beet soilborne virus (BSBV), Pomovirus, Northern Khorasan, TAS-ELISA and DAS ELISA.