Keywords = Dry weight
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Clipfort (Clopyralid, SG 72%) Herbicide in Rapeseed Fields of Fars Province

Volume 36, Issue 3, December 2022, Pages 353-366


E. Mamnoie; N. Bagherani Torshiz; A.R. Askari Kelestani

Efficacy of Fluroxypyr Compared with Common Broadleaf Herbicides in the Wheat Fields

Volume 36, Issue 3, December 2022, Pages 367-384


M Minbashi Moeini; M.H, Hadizadeh; M.R. Karaminejad; H Sabet Zangeneh; M Jamali; A, Haghighi

Efficacy of Bromoxynil+ 2, 4-D (Buctril Universal 56%EC) as Broadleaf Weed Killer in the Wheat Fields of Iran

Volume 34, Issue 4, March 2021, Pages 485-499


Mehdi Minbash Moeini; M.H. Hadizadeh; M. A. Baghestani; M. Veisi; M. Jamali

Effect of Reduced Doses of Foramsulfuron and Different Sowing Density on Corn (Zea mays L.) Yield and Weed Biomass

Volume 27, Issue 3, October 2013, Pages 386-394


maryam samaie; M. Rastgoo; Mohammad hasan rashed; A. Ghanbari